Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 Months Old

Well, we are a little bit late on this post. I have been really busy with getting ready for school. It's now 10 days after Lucy turned 5 months and she has learned and done so many more things in those 10 day. I'm going to try and go back and only tell you things she was doing at 5 months just for my own record keeping.

Lucy has been doing much better with her spitting up. We found a formula that has really helped with this. Thanks to this, she has been able to spend more time on the floor and on her tummy. She rolls around very quickly and easily. She is laughing more and loves to give big smiles. She can sit up for a few seconds by herself before falling over. Lucy is a big wiggle worm so it's hard for her to stay up. She loves to look around and hates to miss anything that is going on. She likes to change activities a lot, so I'm always looking for something new for her to do.

Lucy loves the water. She loves her bath and the pool. When you hold her in the water she loves to move her legs like the breast stroke kick. She really looks like she's swimming. I love it!! Hopefully I'm going to have a little swim team girl.

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La Familia Sapon said...

Lucy is so cute!!! I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing!