Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumkins

At Micah's daycare they started the month early by learning and talking about pumpkins. So he has been excited about pumpkins for awhile now. Earlier in the month we had our first cooking experince together by baking pumpkin sugar cookies. Micah loved it.

His favorite part was licking the batter. Yummy!!!!
The cookie cutter was also very fun. I tried to point where is should go, but where it landed was where we cut a cookie. A few weeks later I was rolling out a pie crust and he said excitedly that we were making pumpkin cookies again. I think that he really enjoyed it.
The finished product. Micah didn't really help with the decorating. When he finally got to eat one of the cookies he ate a few bites and said "all done." I thought he didn't really like them but another day he did eat a whole one.

Micah's daycare took a field trip to Cobb Ranch. Lori bought all the kids matching shirts. Micah had been talking about going to the pumpkin patch all week. Then that morning we told him that today is the pumpkin patch and he says, "no pumpkin patch."

Cheeeeeeeese!!! I forgot to get a picture of it, but all the kids picked out a pumpkin. I tried to convince Micah to get an orange pumpkin. But no, he picked out a puke green, muffin shaped pumpkin. I wasn't too thrilled.
This last Saturday we took a trip to another pumpkin patch. Micah was not in the mood to say cheese and smile. He loved sliding on the big pumpkin. We each picked a pumpkin and this time Micah got a nice orange one. Yeah!

Micah had a blast "helping" carve the pumkin. He did not want to touch the gook on the inside. He loved picking out the shapes of the eyes and the nose and watching his mama carve it.
Here he is very cheesy with his pumpkin. He loved it when we lit it and wanted to stay outside to watch it for awhile. Halloween is shaping up to be very fun with a two year old.