Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hume Lake

That's all you have to say to know that it was a great time. We went up to Hume two weekends ago and got to spend several days with some of my (Adam) college roomates and Bible study members along with everyone's ever growing families. It was super fun hang out and have meals together again, although I don't remeber the meals being quite as noisy or hectic as they were this time around.

That Monday morning we surprised the staff at the boatyard with five adults and seven kids (4 under age 4) and got all settled and went out for about an hour. Micah wanted to try and row the boat, maybe in a few years that will work out better. We also found out that Buzz Lightyear does not swim, so if anyone catches him while fishing sometime Micah would like him back.

Lucy and Micah also loved swimming in the heated pool, which we went to two afternoons in a row. With how cool it was this spring this was our first time in the pool. When we got home it was over 100 degrees and we went in everyday for a about a week.

We are also so thankful that we got to stay at Jay and Jen's house (Jill's brother). Micah missed his cousin Tanner who was in San Diego with her parents, but he enjoyed making friends with their neighbor Hudson. We also were not disappointed by the assortment of bugs to be found, Micah chased around butterflys, lady bugs, beetles and more. Of course what is a blog post without a picture of Lucy, who now can roll over to one side and is starting to grab her toes.

Monday, June 13, 2011

3 Months Old

Well, check another month off for Lucy. She is now 3 months old. This month she decided that she would be a bit more happier. She is in a good mood more often, smiles at us, and even laughs. Lucy now enjoys the swing, her playmat, and her bouncy chair.
Lucy has been working on her tummy time. She also likes to hold toys in her hands.

Her favorite is her burp cloth, which really isn't a toy, but she loves it. Her big accomplishment this month was learning to roll over. The big problem is that she spits up once she is on her tummy. Then her face is covered with spitup.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Newborn Pictures

We had these pictures taken when Lucy was 5 weeks old. She's almost 3 months now so these are a little old. I thought I'd share them anyways.