Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st week of Summer vacation

We just finished up the first week of summer for Jill. She got to spend some time in Bakersfield with Micah visiting with Grammie and Grandpa. Then this past weekend we got to go to one of Jill's favorite places in the world ... Hume Lake/ Hume Lake Christian Camp. Three of Adam's five roomates from college were all able to visit together on Saturday and Sunday. The families of Dave and Jon live farther away and rented cabins for a whole week of vacation (lucky them!), while Adam and Chad live so close by with the easy drive from Fresno. It was great to spend time with college roomates now that we all have kids.

Here are some of us braving the sunken log in the lake to see some of the huge tadpoles that they have at Hume from what I am guessing are some really big bullfrogs. This was on our Sunday morning walk along part of the lake.

Boating on Saturday before lunch. Who doesn't have fun in a row boat (aka "slow boat'").

Playing in the mud at the lake. Most of the kids are lined up in the background and are busy playing. Everyone also loved the ducks that liked to roam around on the grass. The little kids would all go after the ducks to pet them while the rest of us watched.

Jill got to make her Smore's on Sunday before heading home. This was a must do item and when camp staff was too busy to start the firepit for us, a quick walk over to the general store for some lighter sticks and scrounging up some kindling solved the problem. Micah loved his first smore's and made Jill proud with how well he kept clean of melted marshmellow (the rest of the weekend we were not as lucky with lots of sand and dirt to deal with).

The Monday was a quick day trip up to Modesto to hang out at Nana and Pappa's house along with a bunch of his cousin's. Jill said that he was nonstop playing in the water and loved the whole time he got to play with everyone else.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooped Up? Its time to get outside

Micah's chickens (Adam's really) spent the week following Memorial Day in their new home "The Chicken Palace" before this past weekend being let out to roam in their run. Two reasons for this. One, I did not have to finish fixing up the existing fence as quickly and two, just like dogs and cats when you move houses, chickens also transition better when kept "inside" for a few days to get used to where they need to sleep/eat before being let out.

Quick over: Our coop is ?? years old. It first was a school bus stop shelter and was moved by tractor back and forth 1/4 mile each winter. It then got "fixed" up by the last owner and turned into the chicken palace. Next had atleast a half decade to fall into disrepair before getting a new roof, door and chicken wire wall. *see fencing needed to the right.

Ammenities: Two roosting bars set apart to avoid pooping on each other. Water and food feeders. Next up this summer will be fixing or making new nesting boxes for eggs starting this fall. It is also good to have a closable pop door to close at night and keep out things that like to eat chickens. Since Jill's two silkies are so small and do not like to fly/jump a ramp-door was needed. Here is one of the Buff Orpingtons demonstrating. Yes they do wait in the morning for it to be opened and then try to squeeeze through all at once.

The little black fuzzball to the lower right in the photo below is one of Jill's silkies. The other chicken were this size at about 3 weeks old and now all are over two months old. Micah loves to bring them out a snack after dinner (so far avocado and rice are winners while cooked carrots and baked beans were not recieved with much enthusiasm).

Only one chicken is "slow" enough to easily be caught for Micah to pet (the golden one below). The other chickens are pretty quick to move out of arms reach and we do not run near them so that they won't become afraid of us or get stepped on.

Preview of next month's chicken update: "Am I a rooster?" and "Names"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work + Play = Laughter

Do you like to work all the time or play all the time? Tired of tiring to figure it out. The solution is easy, just think like a two year old!

It is difficult at such a young age to decide if it is better to go swimming or to take the wheelbarrow for a spin down the street. Micah has got it covered. After a quick break in front of the neighbors house he is up and ready to head down the street.

"Bumps" are a big favorite. Pushing toys, riding in cars, on bikes or by scooter Micah wants to go over the bumps. Even wagon rides require detours to the edge of the road or over the potholes and patches.

I am sure that the neighbors are amused by some or our evening walks and outings. Sometimes we don't get that far and end up throwing rocks into weeds or following a clown beetle (stink bug) as it crawls across the road. One of the best ways to motivate Micah is to tell him he will get to go outside and look for bugs.

Gotta get those bumps!
Micah playing with bubbles that he got for his birthday. After a rocky start with soap in the eyes from a bubble he got the hang of things and loved to chase and the bubbles.

Nanna and Poppa stopped by on their way home to the Modest area. Nanna taught Micah how to try and eat the bubbles!