Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work + Play = Laughter

Do you like to work all the time or play all the time? Tired of tiring to figure it out. The solution is easy, just think like a two year old!

It is difficult at such a young age to decide if it is better to go swimming or to take the wheelbarrow for a spin down the street. Micah has got it covered. After a quick break in front of the neighbors house he is up and ready to head down the street.

"Bumps" are a big favorite. Pushing toys, riding in cars, on bikes or by scooter Micah wants to go over the bumps. Even wagon rides require detours to the edge of the road or over the potholes and patches.

I am sure that the neighbors are amused by some or our evening walks and outings. Sometimes we don't get that far and end up throwing rocks into weeds or following a clown beetle (stink bug) as it crawls across the road. One of the best ways to motivate Micah is to tell him he will get to go outside and look for bugs.

Gotta get those bumps!
Micah playing with bubbles that he got for his birthday. After a rocky start with soap in the eyes from a bubble he got the hang of things and loved to chase and the bubbles.

Nanna and Poppa stopped by on their way home to the Modest area. Nanna taught Micah how to try and eat the bubbles!


JHRME said...

Hah! How fun! I love that he TRIES to go over the bumps. I avoid them like theres no tomorrow.

The Isaacs said...

Yup, truly a country boy! Bugs, wheelbarrows, being outside... Cute pics!

Lee said...

He loves his bugs. We let him hold the "roly-poly's" (sow bugs) and have a favorite rock to get them from. Sunday afternoon we had a special treat and found a caterpillar. When they get lost he gets so sad, so we go find more.