Monday, September 26, 2011

Micah's fun times lately

Micah has been enjoying his first year of soccer so far. He loves his new friends and it truly blessed to have such an awesome coach this year. Sometimes practices can be a little rough on him and he will get whiny and discourage when he doesn't play a practice drill/game as good as one of the older team mates. Each practice seems to get better for him.

To date we have played two games, which he has been excited about. He always asks who he is going to play and if he has any friends on the opposing team. Last week we played our neighbors team with his little boy and this next week we play a team with one of his friends from daycare and his dad. He mainly runs around trailing wherever the ball has just been and every once in a while gets lucky and is in the right spot to get a chance to kick the ball.

The Madera County Fair was the second weekend in September. This year one of the special features was Alaskan Pig Racing. Micah was really excited for it and ended up getting to be the section leader for the last race. He chose Sloppy Joe as his pig to cheer for. Sloppy Joe ended up getting third place, all the section leaders got a ribbon. Micah carried his around for several days and showed it to the neighbors across the street.

The pig racing involved four or so piglets at a time. They looked to be just a few months old. Each time they finished running around the track they got a cookie.

We also saw the 4-H and FFA animals along with a few other items. Jill bought some raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt, but we have not recieved a call yet so I think we didn't win. I also saw some of the giant pumkins that have been grown in Madera County (300 - 550 lbs) this year and I am thinking that I need to add this to my long list of gardening things to try some day.

Lucy has started to like playing with Micah and wants to be around him much of the time (unless she is off exploring). She really likes playing cars with him and with Mr. Potato Head when we are next to her too. Probably the cutest is how much she likes it when he has his orange "dragon" hoody towel on after a bath.

Micah (and daddy) got a new toy. A 56-year young 1955 Massey-Ferguson tractor with the 3 cylinder Perkins diesel. It is at the shop right now getting the engine tuned-up and a general review to getting a priority list for future work items (transmission, PTO and hydrualic system gasket are next on the list, maybe some day we will get to the headlights and a paint job). I am looking forward to all the fun rides we will have together on the tractor. Hopefully we will get things figured out to where this will help me get certain yardwork items done alot quicker and easier. There also is a tractor parade in Madera at Christmas time that I would really like to participate in someday.

Lastly, we went to our local small animal livestock auction house that has a sale every Saturday morning. Micah liked this light brown Alpine doe and there was not alot of other choices available that day so she was the one we bid on. She gets along well with the other two goats and has been named Bella "the Ballerina" by Micah. Next month will be our target breeding time so we will have to figure out what to breed for since both females are dairy goats, but there is also a good demand for meat goats in the area. This year it will probably come down to price and hopefully a neighbor and help us with a free option.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lucy - 6 months update

This had been a huge month for Lucy. She has learned so many new skills. Just a few days after turning 5 months old she started sitting up for longer than a few seconds. A few days later she was able to actually get herself into a sitting position. She loves being able to sit and play.

But sitting didn't last long for Lucy. At about 5 1/2 months she decided that she was going to crawl. She had been getting up and rocking on her knees for several weeks. Then face planting because she couldn't figure out that she had to move her hands. Then one day she just took off. Life hasn't slowed down for her since this. She quickly began crawling up and over the shelf on the coffee table and over our legs. Lucy also worked really hard on learning how to climb up the 3 places we have a step out of the living room. When we put her down in the living room she heads straight to the concrete step that leads to our entry way. Yes, I said concrete, very dangerous. Once up and over she just sits up there. I guess the challenge of climbing the step is the fun part.

Lucy also began spending time in the swing. She has always loved being outside, so the swing has been a perfect place to chill for her.

Our favorite thing that Lucy has learned this month is shrieking (not!). It's so fun (not!). She will be perfectly fine and then just start screaming.

Well, we think she might be a super baby. Or sometimes I think crazy baby!!!