Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lucy - 6 months update

This had been a huge month for Lucy. She has learned so many new skills. Just a few days after turning 5 months old she started sitting up for longer than a few seconds. A few days later she was able to actually get herself into a sitting position. She loves being able to sit and play.

But sitting didn't last long for Lucy. At about 5 1/2 months she decided that she was going to crawl. She had been getting up and rocking on her knees for several weeks. Then face planting because she couldn't figure out that she had to move her hands. Then one day she just took off. Life hasn't slowed down for her since this. She quickly began crawling up and over the shelf on the coffee table and over our legs. Lucy also worked really hard on learning how to climb up the 3 places we have a step out of the living room. When we put her down in the living room she heads straight to the concrete step that leads to our entry way. Yes, I said concrete, very dangerous. Once up and over she just sits up there. I guess the challenge of climbing the step is the fun part.

Lucy also began spending time in the swing. She has always loved being outside, so the swing has been a perfect place to chill for her.

Our favorite thing that Lucy has learned this month is shrieking (not!). It's so fun (not!). She will be perfectly fine and then just start screaming.

Well, we think she might be a super baby. Or sometimes I think crazy baby!!!


Christa said...

I miss her! Great photos. :)

Heidi Leach said...

Leah still does not get to a sit on her own and she only army crawls, which she has perfected in the last werk. She does have four teeth though. We hope to see you soon. Leach family

La Familia Sapon said...

Lucy is super cute!!!! Micah is always adorable! Keep those post coming mama Jill!