Monday, May 24, 2010

Cluck, Cluck, Moo, Moo ... Micah has just turned 2!

Micah had his party about two weeks ago. Jill went with a farm them and came up with fun games for the kids to play. Game #1 is the barnyard animal search where the kids had to find the little plastic animals hidden in the hay. Here is Micah and some of the other kids looking for their animals.
Adam's favorite was giving tractor rides up and down the street with the neighbors tractor, trailer and hay (hey we provided the gas atleast). This was lots of fun and a little interesting too with the trailer attached to the scraper blade that could move up and down (low-rider country style).
Micah loved the rides and went almost every single time plus the evening before and the evening after with the neighbors. We didn't think about it but they hay can be scratchy on little legs. Micah got his share of scratches but didn't care becuase of having so much fun.
Game #2 was herding the "cows". The kids had a blast chasing around the balloons. It was a bit on the windy side that day so some of the adults had fun chasing balloons too and getting them out of trees and under cars.

Micah's petting zoo was open for awhile with most of the bigger chickens out in a makeshift pen on the lawn. Here is Micah's cousin holding one of the baby chicks. Everyone had fun and all the chickens survived all of the kids.
Tractor cake. Jill made a fantastic tractor cake and also had chicken scratch (chex mix), Micah's garden (veggie tray) and pigs-in-a-blanket among other things to eat.
Here is a close up of the cake.
Micah has really enjoyed being two. Besides saying "no" all the time, he likes to say "mine", "up" (wants to be carried even if only 20 feet to the car for example) and of course on his b-day why get your own hand dirty when you can eat out of someone else's hand.