Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snow boots

Micah has found his snow boots for use this winter and decided that he needs to wear them around the house. This past weekend he wore them several times and got Jill and I laughing pretty good when he was walking around with a "look at me" grin on his face. He has learned to asked for his shoes to be put on by doing a combination of grunting, pointing, lifting up a foot, and bobbing his head repeatively, this too is quite cute. He also likes to find my baseball hat, put it on and them come find us and laugh that he is wearing my hat.

Micah also loves to be outside. Just a few days ago he figured out that he can sit inside of one of his toys that we have on the patio and throw the blocks out of it. This kept him busy for about 30 minutes. We also went to a local arena on Saturday night and watch team sorting ( two riders on horses have to get cattle from one pen to another in consecutive by the numbers they are wearing). We enjoyed getting to watch the various skill levels of the local teams that were there and learning about new horseriding activities that people can do. Micah really like the ranch dog that was roaming around and tried share his crackers with the dog. If we have a few more warm Saturday evenings in October we will definitely consider going back again for another evening of free country-style entertainment.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Toy for Micah?

This past weekend we had lots of fun. Friday night we drove to Waterford (near Modesto) for a birthday party for Rylie, one of Micah's cousins. She turned four and had a wonderful hawaiian themed party. Then on Saturday both of Adam's sisters and their families visited the new house for the first time and made a visit to the Fresno Met Museum to see the "Bob the Builder" exhibit. Micah had fun with several of the activities and really liked to watch the wall tracks that rolled golf balls. Before going to the museum we had time to swim with the kids and go see the neighbor's horses "Sunny and Mia", both horses are over 25 years old and very sweet and gentle with kids. Finishing up the weekend we went to the Madera County Fair Sunday afternoon following nap time. They had a monkey show with several trained baboons and a dog that Micah really liked. By far his favorite activity was climbing up and down and all around the ten or so different tractors on display by local companies. Micah and Adam think that this would make a perfect toy at home, sadly the Lee family tractor will most likely be a "Tonka" and not a nice New Holland, John Deere or Kubota like at the fair. Next time we will definitely make sure to go earlier during the week when the 4-H animals are still there, that definitely would have been the favorite event.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Micah or Big Boy Micah??

This past weekend we had a BBQ with Adam's side of the family. Rylie, who is turning 4, loves babies. I mean really loves babies. She kept asking me to let her hold baby Micah in her lap. I kept telling her that I didn't think Micah would sit in her lap anymore. After much persistence I finally told her we would give it a try. I thought a book might make him sit there longer. Here they are for one second looking like she's holding her baby.

And here they are one second later as Micah tries to get away. She kept a hold of him though. Luckily Micah didn't mind. He ended up laughing hysterically as she kept pulling him back.

I guess he's not her baby anymore.