Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Micah or Big Boy Micah??

This past weekend we had a BBQ with Adam's side of the family. Rylie, who is turning 4, loves babies. I mean really loves babies. She kept asking me to let her hold baby Micah in her lap. I kept telling her that I didn't think Micah would sit in her lap anymore. After much persistence I finally told her we would give it a try. I thought a book might make him sit there longer. Here they are for one second looking like she's holding her baby.

And here they are one second later as Micah tries to get away. She kept a hold of him though. Luckily Micah didn't mind. He ended up laughing hysterically as she kept pulling him back.

I guess he's not her baby anymore.


The Isaacs said...

Seeing your post's title made me immediately think of something else, completely unrelated to Rylie! You had me going! :)

The Isaacs said...

LOL, you didn't have to change your post's title! :)