Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Program

At our church they have a children's program every year. Each sunday school class sings or does some sort of presentation. Micah is in the 2-5 class so here he is in his first performance. We really had high, high hopes for him at 2 years old. Micah does love to sing so we thought maybe he would do a little singing. But, no. Here is what he did do during the performance. One song had jingle bells so he enjoyed ringing his bell. At one point it flew from his hand and he had to go find it.
Micah clapped his hands a couple times. Also at some point the little boy behind him decided to pull on Micah's collar over and over. This I'm sure was a huge distraction for him.
Towards the end of the 5 minute program he saw some other kids crawling around on the stairs and thought he needed to join them. He did this for a bit. Finally sitting up and sitting nice till the end of the program.

We are so proud of our little performer. He was a star!!!