Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pilgrim and Indian

If you have been following our blog you know that my mom has dressed Tanner and Micah up for Christmas for the last two years. The first year they were Mary and Joseph. Then last year they were angels, which was not a hit with Micah. This year my sister, who is home from Romania, will not be home for Christmas. So my mom decided that we should have the tradition at Thanksgiving time. So I give you this years dressed up Micah and Tanner, a Pilgrim and an Indian. They both thought it was very fun. Tanner has been doing lots of dressing up being a girl and all. Micah loved dressing up for Halloween. They were both very prepared for the day.
Tanner played the pilgrim perfectly being very solumn through the scripture reading. After we finished reading the scripture Micah gave us a wonderful Indain rain dance.
We conitnue to be so blessed in our family. Adam and I are thankful for an amazing son and the coming baby girl. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Coop Part II

Here is the coop before the painting. Micah has his steps for feeding out "treats" during the summertime. Chickens got grapes everyday and sometime tomato's from the cherry tomato plants that magically sprouted up next to one of the new trees we planted last spring.

And here is the almost completed after picture. Trim around the top still needs the free dark brown paint for constrast and the backside of the coop gets the free pinkish-tan paint!
Up to about 8-10 eggs a day now from twelve full-size hens and now just waiting for the bantam to start laying her tiny eggs. Looks like winter treats will be some of the leafy weeds that are sprouting up.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painting the Chicken Coop

Adam had a great idea. Let's let Micah help paint the chicken coop. A 2 year old with real paint. Here is Micah before he started. Clean and excited.
Micah had his own bucket. He would dip the paint in and it would drip all the way to the coop. While in with the chickens he was very concerned about the chickens. He doesn't always like being in the chickens anymore so he kept telling them, "be nice chickens."

What a lucky boy Micah is!!
Micah had lots of fun. This is him when he was just about finish. He only had one little accident after I took this picture. He leaned all the way on the chicken coop getting more paint on his backside. He thought painting his hands was also part of the process. His clothes, of course, we are throwing away and the paint in his hair will wash out eventually.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had a very fun Halloween. Micah was Bob the Builder. He loved wearing his work hat and tool belt.

The first event Micah wore his costume to was his daycare party. I must say it was a little over the top. Mainly the food. They sat down to snacks and had a cookie, a cupcake, a brownie, and jello jigglers. I was beginning to wonder when they were going to stop bringing out the treats. But Micah did have fun and enjoyed every bite. Probably because he rarely gets sweets at home. The kids then played some easy games where they won little prizes. Micah loved the spider rings.
Then they had a pinata. Micah did a great job swinging and hitting it. He loved picking up the candy. Oh course, the pinata never holds enough candy so Lori passed out to everyone an extra bag of candy. Just what we needed. We absolutely love Micah's daycare and are thrilled that he loves going everyday. Lori and Jim make every day special so on holidays I'll be sure to come to the over the top fun parties that they have.

Then, for Halloween we first went to the carnival that was out here in the Ranchos. Micah loved going through the blow-up obstacle course. After that we headed into Fresno to go to our church carnival. Following that we headed into the neighborhood around our church to do a bit of trick- or-treating. We went with our good friends, the Isaacs. Micah thought it was the most exciting thing. He said trick-or-treat over and over until the person put the candy in his bucket. Then he would say more trick-or-treat, more trick-or-treat.
The week of Halloween we carved 4 pumpkins on 4 different night because Micah thought it was so much fun. The first pumpkin didn't make it till the end for the final picture. Micah wanted Mike from Monsters Inc. He also wanted a robot pumpkin, which we made from Micah's green pumpkin. The last pumpkin we made was a sad pumpkin because we looked all around the Ranchos for a sad one and never found one. So Micah wanted a sad pumpkin. Are you noticing a pattern. We made whatever Micah wanted. He had a blast.