Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Coop Part II

Here is the coop before the painting. Micah has his steps for feeding out "treats" during the summertime. Chickens got grapes everyday and sometime tomato's from the cherry tomato plants that magically sprouted up next to one of the new trees we planted last spring.

And here is the almost completed after picture. Trim around the top still needs the free dark brown paint for constrast and the backside of the coop gets the free pinkish-tan paint!
Up to about 8-10 eggs a day now from twelve full-size hens and now just waiting for the bantam to start laying her tiny eggs. Looks like winter treats will be some of the leafy weeds that are sprouting up.


JHRME said...

Uh oh, better borrow goats soon! Thats a lot of eggs! Do you have eggs every morning for breakfast??

Lee said...

No we are not eating eggs everyday. About twice a week now. It would be nice to start eating more hard boiled eggs too.

Goat(s) are for next spring. It will take some time to put up the fencing and make a movable shelter. For now the focus is on the inside projects, we have several rooms to paint and fix up with curtains and stuff. Geting things ready for Micah to switch rooms and be ready for the baby in March.