Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pilgrim and Indian

If you have been following our blog you know that my mom has dressed Tanner and Micah up for Christmas for the last two years. The first year they were Mary and Joseph. Then last year they were angels, which was not a hit with Micah. This year my sister, who is home from Romania, will not be home for Christmas. So my mom decided that we should have the tradition at Thanksgiving time. So I give you this years dressed up Micah and Tanner, a Pilgrim and an Indian. They both thought it was very fun. Tanner has been doing lots of dressing up being a girl and all. Micah loved dressing up for Halloween. They were both very prepared for the day.
Tanner played the pilgrim perfectly being very solumn through the scripture reading. After we finished reading the scripture Micah gave us a wonderful Indain rain dance.
We conitnue to be so blessed in our family. Adam and I are thankful for an amazing son and the coming baby girl. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


JHRME said...

Hah! Fun! And it's a girl?! Exciting!

The Isaacs said...

Love it! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Fairytale Pumpkin said...