Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painting the Chicken Coop

Adam had a great idea. Let's let Micah help paint the chicken coop. A 2 year old with real paint. Here is Micah before he started. Clean and excited.
Micah had his own bucket. He would dip the paint in and it would drip all the way to the coop. While in with the chickens he was very concerned about the chickens. He doesn't always like being in the chickens anymore so he kept telling them, "be nice chickens."

What a lucky boy Micah is!!
Micah had lots of fun. This is him when he was just about finish. He only had one little accident after I took this picture. He leaned all the way on the chicken coop getting more paint on his backside. He thought painting his hands was also part of the process. His clothes, of course, we are throwing away and the paint in his hair will wash out eventually.


Jenny said...

Good job, Micah!! Tusi loves your red hands!! :)

JHRME said...

Red is kind of a fun color for the imagination. Like either he got a chicken or the chickens got to him. Though the smiling face sort of rules out those possibilities.