Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Brother having fun

August ended with a chance to go enjoy the 50th annual Greek Festival at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Fresno. We tried some different food this year and ate some of the A' la carte items that were served inside. Micah also loved the bounce house in the kids section of the festival. We finished up the eveing listening to the band play greek music and watch some of the dancers. Before the dancers started the area was free for the little kids to "dance". Micah busted out his Turkish vest from his Aunt Jenny and proceeded to run wild around the open area. Many people pointed and thought it was cute that he wore his vest. Labor day weekend was a busy. Friday Sept. 3rd is now called "Nephew Day" at the Lee's house. On Adam's side our nephew Josh got married in the Sacramento area (just Adam went and had a wonderful time and enjoyed the beautiful ceremony and reception). Same day on Jill's side our nephew Jett was born. We couldn't wait to go see him and got going as soon as we could on Saturday morning to get the first visit in and hold him for awhile.

Then on Monday for Labor we went to Castle Air Museum in Atwater. They had over 50 real planes used by the Armed forces over the past 80 years or so to see outside and also an indoor museum area. Some of the displays like the helicopter were still set up from their big "open cockpit" day on Sunday when you can go inside many of the large planes. We will definitely go back for that event in the future.

Micah's favorite were the "rocketships". We must have spent a good 20 minutes or so watching him climb up and down from the three missiles next to the wing of the massive B-52 bomber. Several staff rode by in golf carts and didn't seem to mind even though the "no climbing" sign that had been posted for Sunday was on the ground nearby.

Lastly, here is the first view of Micah's baby brother or sister. Micah's sibling is due to be born the 1st week of March! Jill has been a trooper so far and has been pretty positive even though she had a good month plus of morning sickness that liked to sitck around for the rest of the day until bedtime. Micah is still confused about where the baby is at and thinks Jill is hiding it in her shirt. He has been great at helping to pray for the baby at dinner time. I also think he will enjoy some of the changes later on this year when he gets a "big boy" bed and moves into the other bedroom which is probably twice as big than the one that the baby will end up with.

To answer a few questions: (1) Yes, we will be finding out if the baby will be a boy or girl in the next few months. (2) Yes, we would like to have a little girl so we can have one of each. (3) Yes, we will still be so happy and excited if we get another little boy.