Thursday, October 29, 2009

October Update

Well we sort of lost our camera this month. It showed up hiding behind a picture frame. This month has been pretty good. Micah got to help fix up his room and get a little lesson in replacing wall plugs. It did not take him that long to figure out that Adam's screwdriver was real and that his was not. After that he only wanted to play with the one that Adam was using at the time.

Here is what his finished room looks like. Pretty similar to the paint color at the last house. We really like yellow paint. His drapes that Jill made with Grandma Lee also fit the window too!

We also had a chance to go to Waterford (near Modesto) for the day earlier in the month when it was still warm and had a fantastic time playing outside with Micah's cousin's all day. We also got to watch his cousin Evan's soccer game that morning and go to a little festival at the local park and see the duck at the petting zoo. Micah is now totally focused on birds and looks around for them outside and also checks to see if the chicken next door is out in the side yard to stare and point at.

Lastly, we have a evening routine of trying to play outside for a little while then Micah will watch a Elmo video (big fan right now) while Jill makes dinner and then after dinner we will play outside until it gets dark and or is bedtime. We this month we have had to change things up a little bit and "do exactly the same thing" but with warm clothes and a jacket on.
Jill really liked this beanie hat thing and got it for Micah a little while ago. He also enjoys wearing a blue beanie that his Grammie Johnson got him. Still working on getting his thumbs into the right spot on his mittens.
Out in the back yard we use a big work light on a stand with an extension cord to get pushed around on the tricycle, play with some of the other toys or ride on the swing.
In the front yard anything goes. Sometimes we use this push cart for rides and put the light on the front to see where to go. Micah is also liking to look up at the stars and the moon. In the daytime you will find him looking for planes (sometimes it is just a motorcycle in the distance). He also loves to wear his boots with the camo on them.