Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fun

Well, it is about halfway through the summer. I haven't been very good at keeping up with Micah's activities. So, here is a catch up on all we have been doing. I probably don't have them all in the right order, but you really don't care about that.

One day we went to a pick-your-own farm in Hanford. There were all kinds of berries there, but we stuck mostly to picking blueberries. This is because blueberries are very easy to pick and the ones a person picks are all good. We also wanted some blackberries but it is hard to tell which ones are ready on the vine. So, we just bought them from their little store. We made a delicious berry pie and blueberry muffins. Yummy!!
Micah wasn't the best at picking, but he was sure good at eating. At the farm they let you eat as much as you want while you are picking. Crazy!!!

On another day we went to Playland. You got to love the groupon that lets you ride all the rides for $5.

Micah and I visited the Rancho's Firestation. It was a very hot day, but this firefighter still got dress in all the gear to show the kids. They really want the kids to not be afraid of them in their gear in case they have a firefighter in their house. Micah was a bit scared of him.

Micah loves to catch frogs and toads. He carries around his bug catcher and hunts for them all the time. Hint to parents, let them out at night or else they usually aren't living in the morning.

He's even willing to give this one a big kiss.

Last week we went to the Cat Haven. This "zoo" has all sorts of big cats. You walk on a trail to see the cats. Micah seems to have a hard time with this place. We went last summer and had about the same experience. He decides when he gets there that he absolutely cannot walk. That is a problem because in 95 degree weather and "hiking" I absolutely will not carry him. So, I think we will hold off on going again any time soon.

He's pretending he's interested and hasn't been throwing a huge fit the whole time.

Our summer has been a blast so far. It's going way to quick. After being off work for 5 months I'm feeling it all coming to an end very soon.

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