Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More random things

Micah loves to point and look at all kinds of birds. Birds on TV, in books, flying in the sky, sitting on the telephone wires. Birds, birds, birds! Halloween morning we got a big suprise with one of the chickens from next door at our house. Micah points at it through the window. So we asked him if he would "like to go outside?" Of course he does and runs for the door. He got to walk around with the chicken for about five minutes or so.
After being a little scared of the rooster, he decides to try and poke it with a stick or something. The chicken was not the biggest fan and backed off. Playtime ended when our dog Sammie came outside and wanted to chase the rooster. It ran through the fence. However, a few days later the rooster was back but in the back yard and Sammie chased it some more and got some feathers. The chicken flew home and hasn't been back.

Micah loves riding in wheelbarrows and was able to share the fun with his cousin Tanner. Uncle Jay did a great job pushing them around the yard so we could get a picture. If the wheelbarrow is full of leaves Micah will sit with his hands in his lap until they are dumped out and then get back in and hold onto the sides only when it is empty.

Grammie and Grandpa Johnson came up to visit for bit last Sunday. Tanner and Micah are coloring with Grammie while waiting for lunch.

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