Tuesday, November 10, 2009

18 months

Well, it's a bit past 18 months but I still want to update you on what Micah is up to. Micah is full of energy and always on the go. He loves being outside so we spend as much time as we can out there. Luckily we have a lot of property that always has work to be done on it. One of his favorite things is getting rides in the wheelbarrow as he's helping dad with the leaves. He loves cars, trucks, and anything that goes. His latest love is airplanes. He has been pretending to be one by holding up his arms and zooming around the house. He tries to make the noise his dad taught him, which I can't seem to master. I think it is a guy thing. He also likes to use his spoon as an airplane. Not with food on it, but just playing around. Which brings me to another subject. We are revisiting our difficult behavior when eating(around 9 months was super difficult). Maybe this will be a short phase. He really loves birds and will laugh so hard when he sees them. I can't really say he knows a lot of words but he does have ones that he uses all the time. "Cuck" is truck, elmo, bird, plane, please. He's really good at this last one, unfortunately he thinks that he should get everything he wants when he say please. Well, I'm sure you've heard enough. Life with a 18 month old is busy and we rarely sit down, but it's lot's of fun.

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