Monday, November 2, 2009


We started off the Halloween season by visiting the pumpkin patch. Micah wasn't too excited about about the pumpkins though. We tried having him hold a small pumpkin but he kept throwing it on the ground. After breaking a couple stems we decided we should probably stop.

Micah did love the hay bale maze. He liked being chased through it.
On Halloween Micah went as a dragon. I was actually surprized that he wore it all night. You know how halloween can be. Hot?? Cold?? Who knows. It was a bit warm early in the evening but he was fine in his warm costume. We went to our church carnival. Micah's favorite part was running around with his buddy Jeremy on the bounce thing. Not the one picture behind him in this picture. This one he didn't want anything to do with.

After the carnival we went trick-or-treating with some friends. We only went to a few houses and most of them Micah thought he should be going inside. I had to take the candy out of his basket right when he got it so that he wouldn't lose it. It really was a lot of work. Maybe next year will be more fun when he actually eats candy.


Jenny said...

Dear Micah, I love your are the most adorable dragon in the world!! Love you! Tusi

The Isaacs said...

Meant to ask you if you got any pictures of Jeremy and Micah jumping around on that bounce thing! Ours are all blurry.