Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pool fence and of course more of Micah!

Part 1 of the pool fence is done. We have the mesh safety fence and gates around the flat concrete area of the pool. Next up will be getting wrought iron fencing to go around the back of the waterfall. After that some new colorful plants surrounding the back of the waterfall and we will be ready to relax in style and safety.

Micah is learning to use a spoon now. We still do not trust him with that many different foods so he might have to wait for mash potatos again. Our dog gets plenty of food just from him using his hands (the throwing over the edge at times does not help).
Cheap toys! Who knew that what babies like best are free things. So far the topping the play item list is: cool whip containers (great for stacking and knocking over), orange plastic cones for soccer, pine cones, plastic pipe, sticks and the occasional bug. He still loves his books and other toys but can be easily satisfied with all these other things too.

All time best item is water. Micah loves the dog dish, buckets on the lawn, sponges and buckets for washing cars, throwing rocks in grandma & grandpa Lee's pool, fountains (like the one below) and any type of puddle he can splash in. Unfortunately one time that puddle happen to be from our dog so we had a nice washup and change of clothes after that.


The Isaacs said...

I definitely like this new blog of yours! Those are some cute pics of Micah!

Jenny said...

Cute little spaghetti face!!!! It's funny that he and Tanner have the same face!!! I love your pool!! I wish I was going to be there sometime to use it (when it is warm).