Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, I'm sad to say that we have lost our old blog. I quess I thought this was the internet and the blog would stay there forever. In our move to our new house we spent 2 months in a rental and had trouble getting internet there. So with no activity on the blog they dropped us. Just like that. So we have moved to a new blog. I actually started it way back when Micah was born because I didn't like the other blog site but couldn't convince Adam to switch over. So here we are with Micah's big move to his new house and to a new blog sight.


grandma nene said...

Hey...I know this cute couple!! And I recognize the sign, also!! What a wild ride that was...hope all is good with you guys...I miss our daily chats!
Love you...Colleen

Sarah said...

HI Jill and Adam!
Congrats on the house and your growing baby!!! Micah is looking so big and handsome!! I hope we get to visit soon. All our babies need to get together.
jon and sarah and rebekah