Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New House

Jill has been enjoying her pool and I have been trying to enjoy my projects and the yard. The house had basically been empty for about three years with the orig. owners staying some weekends to keep up the yard. Hopefully we have found out everything that needs fixing and can just enjoy it for awhile. We get our fence on Monday the 10th.

Backyard and back of the house.

Micah has started talking and says "hi", "ball", "cat" and "mumah". He is loving it here and is getting to know some of the neighbors with horses so he can pet them. At the rental house he loved going out and feeding the landlord's goats some weeds by the handful that we would pick from outside of the pen.
Jill starts teaching at school soon so we will also be working through a schedule change for both Jill & Micah. Micah is also been trying new foods and seems to like things based upon how messy they are. He had fun the first time he ate pasta with red sauce.


Jenny said...

Love the new house!! The pool with the waterfall is beautiful!! Can't wait to see it in person and of course to play with Micah in his big back yard!!!

live a colorful life said...

Wow, that pool looks awesome. Love the waterfall feature. Can we continue "mommy and me" swim classes at your house??