Sunday, November 6, 2011


This year we ended up with a nice Halloween weekend in addition to the two separate trips to our local Ranchos Pumpkin Patch.

To start things off on Friday night Micah and Lucy had a party at their daycare. Jim & Laurie had tasty food for all, some games and prizes on the driveway and a bounce house on the lawn. Micah is always excited when there is a party at his daycare.

Above - Jim and Laurie made a nice picture spot with a bench. Lots of people got family pictures and they also took a fun picture of all the kids together at one time.

Below - They kids also got a chance to a pinata that night. Micah finally understands the concept of getting the candy after it breaks open.

That Saturday we continued our Halloween with a visit from uncle Lito, aunt Nancy and cousins Evan and Ryan. The weather was so nice that we carved the pumpkins outside. Each kid got paired up with an adult and made a jack-o-latern together.

Here is Lucy getting ready to give Jill some directions. Aunt Nancy in the background is the champion pumpkin cleaner-outer. She was done and carving the pumpkin with Ryan before some of us had started.

Here are the boys with the pumpkins lit up after finishing dinner together. Then on Sunday night Micah and Adam took a drive around to look at the jack-o-laterns at other Ranchos houses.

Robin and the Ladybug ready for Halloween. First stop was our second annual trick or treat to the neighbors house across the street. The are now 2 and 8 for the past decade on trict or treaters. Micah likes it becuase he loves his neighbors so much and they love that they have the rest of the bag left over for themselves. Micah's capes was not it the best of shape anymore (we found out Friday night that it is not good to wear a cape while jumping in a bounce house).

Micah wasn't feeling the best so we didn't take hime to the church festival in Fresno. We stayed in the Ranchos and went to the local church festival. They had two ponies there for rides along with several bounce houses and lots of carnival game booths for the kids to win candy. Micah was very excited about the pony. He kept this intent look of concentration on his face the whole ride around in a circle. I wonder if he will make this face the next time we get him on a horse.

We finished up the night with some door to door trick-or-treating and the street just north of Avenue 12. Micah really like this. We saw several families with trailers with lights and haybales to haul a bunch kids on. Maybe we will have to do this a some point in the future too!


JHRME said...

Oh my goodness! Pumpkins! Soccer! Pigs! Tractors! and the CUTEST kids! I think I'm caught up now. SOrry I've been such a slacker!
Ps. Yay for two wheels!

Lee said...


Hang in there. Micah has been asking about ice skating and sledding for several months now. Looks like we should get some good pictures again this year since he remembers it from before. Also, Jill has been a mastermind at figuring out the church directory outfits and some other clothes for Christmas.