Monday, November 14, 2011

8 months update

Eight months have now flown by with little Lucy. No new teeth since last month, the two bottom teeth continue to show more and more. She continues to stick everything (yes everything in her mouth). She expecially loves paper or magazines and will try to crawl away as fast as she can if she thinks you are going to take it away.

She has also managed to get a mild earache this past month that affected her for a few days and also has had a cold with a fairly good runny nose (does not like getting her nose wiped at all). In between all of this she continues to get more outgoing and has grunts and shrieks for lots of different things.

Lucy loves playing with her brother. We recently did some box sledding in the house to "practice" for the snow. Micah really, really wants it to snow here in the Fresno area and just can't understand why it won't for him. We also have started going down our little indoor slide with a beanbag at the bottom, this is lots of fun because Lucy knows she will get help in "getting" Micah once he slides down after her. She also likes waking him up in the morning. We did this several days in a row and then didn't one morning and Micah asked why Lucy wasn't there.

Baby toys are fun but brother's toys are better. In addition to being Lucy-zilla when we make dominos towers, Lucy also is the monster that tries to get the trains. She was good watching for about a week and then decided she needed to get more invovled with the whole process.

While crawling is fine and dandy (and she is pretty fast now), Lucy has started to practice her walking skills. The doctor's office thought she would be walking by her 9 month check-up but looks like it might take a few more weeks than that. She has also focused a good bit of her learning on her talking as mentioned above and really likes music. If she hears something she likes while sitting down Lucy will do a cute little tummy crunch/head bob move and when standing up will get the get going in her legs. She mainly "dances" to the music from her toys but also likes the songs from some of the shows that Micah likes to watch.

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