Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr. Funny Man

Micah has been loving to have fun lately in some pretty interesting ways. WE have found out that he continues to love crumpled up newspaper and we have a hide-n-go-seek type of game with him that is hilarious. He also likes to run around and have newspaper "snow" fall on him.

He also is still very attached to his blanket and loves to carry it around while playing. Last week he decided to put it over his head and try to climb up to his slide and then slide down the slide. He did pretty good and got a good laugh from us so he went back around and did the same thing several more times.


Jamie said...

He's such a happy guy!

Jenny said...

What a silly boy!!

Rod said...

It's obvious that you and Adam are having as much fun playing as Micah is. Keep on PLAYING - there is plenty of time to be serious.
Grandma & Grandpa Lee