Monday, February 22, 2010

The goodtimes roll - more fun in the snow

Micah ate his first cookie about a week or two ago. He was interested in the warm fresh chocolate chip cookie for about a bite or two and left the rest on his tray. Yet he will cry if he only gets one mandarin type orange or banana to eat. I guess it is a good thing that he likes fruit more. Continuing with the funny creativity from the last blog Micah has decided that it is more enjoyable to slide down the box that the slide came in than to slide down the actual slide. Feet first, head first, toy cars, blocks, anything goes. He also just decided that it is best to put a pile of crumpled newspaper at the bottom first and then to slide and roll around in that too.

Now for the good stuff. Micah went up to the snow at Hume Lake again for the second time. This time he was determined and knew what to do. He tried to pull the tube again with much determination but will not be big enough to do so for a few more years.
Micah's favorite was to ride the saucer on his own. Before it had stopped at the bottom of the hill he would already be saying please and want to go down the hill again. We are starting to understand that when other parents say the kids are wiped out after a day in the snow that they really mean themselves.
Every once and awhile we would be lucky enough that Micah would let one of use ride with him down the hill. Micah and Jill definitely score style points for both wearing knit beanies/caps.
Micah did some rides with Adam too. Just becuase there is snow outside doesn't mean that it is really cold. With the temperature probably in the 60's the big winter jacket and carrying Micah up the hill was too much for Adam.
Since Hume Lake is where Micah's cousin Tanner lives we got to spend much of the day with her too. Toddler's are not the best at sharing so we only got a few chances to slide down the hill with both of them at the same time. Taking two toddlers at once also meant getting both of them to sit in the tube and get pulled up the hill together. Two are about the limit at one point we had a third toddler along for the fun and need both an adult pusher and puller to get the tube up the hill.


JHRME said...

Hah! Fun times! Great pictures! What happened to the rest of that cookie? Didja save some for me?

Jenny said...

My nephew is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!

Lee said...

The cookie went were all other uneaten food from the little ones goes .... to the land of "daddy help" where all things tasty that are not finished by others get recycled.