Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Time

Getting the Christmas Tree is always fun to do. Having a toddler along is even better. This year we tried going to a fairly new cut your own tree place in Auberry. They planted their trees about 8 years ago and have a few more years before the fir trees might be big enough. Micah did enjoy walking around. In addition to the trees they had a little gift shop shed along with free hot chocolate and coffee. The dog and cat were wandering around too since it is family run, with the house on the hillside above the trees.

Fortunately for us they also had a small supply of pre-cut fir trees to choose from after not finding one while walking around. They had a beautiful looking one out so we got that one. We picked up Auntie Jenny on the way home in Fresno for a week of fun with Micah.
On Sunday we tried to get pictures of Micah with the tree before and after church, with and without toys, the cat, the dog and other people. Definitely not a cooperative photo day. We did get a few good ones and funny ones. Below, Micah is actually taking off the ornament and not putting it on and the last picture is one we tried with the cat that had everyone laughing.


The Isaacs said...

Cute, cute! It would've been cool if you did get to cut down your tree... I love the idea of going on a hunt for the perfect tree...
Hope you're having a great week with your sister!

Jamie said...

I love the photo with the cat! All of you are smiling so well! Glad to hear you had such a great week with Jenny and the rest of the family at the beach.