Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Story

For those of you who have followed this blog for the last year I'm sure you have been dying to know what Tanner(cousin) and Micah will be in the Christmas story this year. For those of you new to this blog let me just recap for you. Last year Tanner and Micah, as pictured below, were Mary and Joseph. They sat so nicely in the backdrop and wore their costumes. All this was done while we read the Christmas story. Let me also remind everyone that this could only be dreamed up from Rita Johnson. So without further adieu,
I give you angels. Now, you will not find any pictures of the cousins together. They never stood still and they definitly did not stand anywhere near the backdrop. Yes, Micah is wearing tights. He really didn't seem to mind these. As you noticed he is happy in this picture. He just got everything on.
And then he realized that he had these crazy things on his back. He started turning and grabbing and wanting them off. But we didn't take them off because there was more to the costume.

And that was this halo thing. He absolutely did not like this. Now he's had the costume on maybe 4 minutes. He wants it off NOW! This is right about when we start reading the Christmas story. So then we start taking the costume off and calming him down.

Tanner, on the other hand, was a perfect angel.


The Isaacs said...

Oh my goodness, that's hysterical!!!!! Ah, the memories... :)

Jamie said...

OH MY WORD! I absolutely love it! Good Christmas memories...and some lovely pictures for some embarrassing video when Micah graduates high school or gets married!

Christa said...

Maybe Micah was just upset because he didn't get a tutu.

Jenny said...

The were cute have to admit!!!