Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Micah's 4th B-day (May 2012)

Micah wanted a race car party this year so Jill researched games, foods and decorations on the internet.
 Here is Micah with his birthday sign, he is so excited!
 Jill made a speedway sign which we hung near the table with the food/treats for the kids.
 Here are some of Micah's cousins and friends painting their cars.  We found these wooden car kits online that came with four colors of paint and a set of stickers.  After the kids finished painting the cars, we helped them dry faster with a blow dryer to attached the stickers.
 Micah working on his car.  Any color, any spot = fun for this guy.
 More cousins and friends working on their cars.
 Race time!  Adam made this race track for the cars.  Two kids would race at a time to see whose car was faster.  Sometime more than two cars would be going at once.
 Most races were "officiated" by us or one of the parents.  Lucy decided that she needed to help catch the cars.  This worked well, except for the "giving back" the car to its owner.
 Micah with his cake.  Jill made a race track using cupcakes and put a roadway across the top with some hotwheels on it.  Candles went on his "trophy" cake.
Jill also turned the food into a "pit stop". The kids had racing fuel (orange kool-aid) to drink along with stoplights (grapes, cherries & pineapple on toothpicks), spare tires (mini-donuts) and dipsticks (chocolate covered pretzels).

The kids loved it all and we enjoyed our time with all the parents/families and appreciated them helping make Micah's so special.

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