Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look Whooooo's One!

The day before Lucy's birthday she celebrated at her daycare. They had balloons and signs up for the day. She loved wearing her birthday hat and actually kept it on.

Lucy had her first sweets, a brownie. She loved it and ate most of it. After all the kids finished eating, the birthday girl got to sit in the rocking chair and open a gift.
Lucy's party at home fell on the actual day of her birthday. We had a pink and orange, owl themed party. It was a hoot!!! I sent out owl invitation and the kids made an owl for a craft. When they left they took a candy mouse for "owl food." We had pictures up of Lucy from birth to one year.
For lunch we had pulled pork sandwiches, chips, and pasta salad. This picture shows the cake at the perfect distance. It turned out a little crooked on the top layer, from here you can't tell.
Like most parents we love to see the baby smash their cake and get it everywhere. Lucy thought about it. At first she thought she should pick the whole thing up, but I put a stop to that.
She picked at it and ate little bits, but never smashed into the whole thing.
Grammie made Lucy's outfit. She sewed an owl onto the shirt and made a scrap skirt. A scrap skirt is like a tutu just made out of fabric and ribbon. I found it on Pinterest and knew Lucy needed it. My mom even wrapped the present to match her outfit.
We had fun at the party. I'm not sure Lucy had any clue, but whooooo knows.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

The Isaacs said...

As always, you did such a great job with all the details! :) Happy 1st Birthday, Lucy! We love you!!!!

kc said...

Very cute! Welcome to the world of being one!

JHNickodemus said...

So cute! Happy birthday little Lucy!