Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lucy - 10 months update

Another month with Lucy. Besides toys and clothes she also got her "two front teeth for Christmas". This is a good thing for Lucy, who appears to belive that if something is smaller than her face that she should try to eat/chew on it. Often times she can be observed with a toy in her mouth looking around or actively playing with other toys.

Lucy does really love to play with her brother and below can be seen playing with him in the super fort we built in the living room. She really likes to push things around, expecially a ride-on choo-choo train toy. She now understands when it will hit the wall or couch and gets upset that it is not still moving. One of us ends up following her around and keeping the train from getting stuck. She will do this for up to 15 minutes or so at a time.Her she is in the fort with Mommy and brother Micah. She really likes her books now and will sit and look at the "touch and feel" books with the fake animal fur. She also will kiss each animal in the book.
She is also aware of bows in her hair now, so it saddens Jill that it is not as easy to keep her bows in place like it was for this November picture. She is also learning to wave and ended up with saying "Momma" for her first word, just like her brother.Laughing-No explanation needed here.

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