Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grandparents, Teeth and Bikes

Micah and Lucy recently got a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Lee. Everyone was on their best behavior, with Lucy giving lots of smiles and Micah playing lots of board games with Grandma. Grandparents got to see Micah's third soccer game which was the best out of four games that he has played so far (limited crying and saying "I'm done"). We have five more games so we will hopefully see more improvement each week.

Lucy has not been sleeping well lately (for about a week now), and like all good parents we just keep rocking her and putting her back to sleep. Today Jill stuck a finger in Lucy's mouth and found a tooth starting to stick out of her lower gums. Net result: Upside-We know why Lucy doesn't sleep good. Downside-Lots more baby teeth to go.

Naturally everything that didn't go in her mouth before now does. Besides leaves (always rake up the "presents" first just in case Lucy was to find something from the dog before we do) and any toy that Micah isn't actively playing with. She was even commented on in the nursery at Church for all the stuff she tried to eat.

Jill was gone for the weekend with several friends to relax at Hume Lake and attend a women's retreat. Like any good dad I knew that this was my chance to do something that Jill didn't agree with. That's right, I talked Micah into taking off the training wheels and riding his bike with no help. The balancing was not a problem, confidence in his steering ability and not getting hurt took a few attempts to overcome.

I think we won Jill over on the idea once she saw that Micah liked it and that he had already learned that you slow down and put your feet out when stopping instead of crashing. I also compromised and we might do training wheels during the week for family walks and then none on the weekends for practice time.

He likes to make a loop along the inside of the driveway and also ride along the side of the road in front of several of the neighbors houses. Either way he still makes me follow behind him.

Here's a video clip to prove it. By this time I was tired of chasing him so it is just a quick clip of him starting and stopping.

Maybe next time Jill leaves us home without supervision we can work on a bike ramp, or something else like that.

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The Isaacs said...

Not that I'm trying to "encourage" you to do things without Jill's knowing, but... So very cool that Micah is riding a bike! YAY Micah!