Friday, May 13, 2011

Micah's Birthday Party

Micah had a great birthday. As I said in a previous post he was so excited about his birthday and party. On his birthday his daycare invited him to come back to celebrate his birthday. We have been so blessed to have Micah at Lori's Daycare. He hasn't been going at all since we are home with baby Lucy and they still invited him to come for his birthday. They have also included us in holiday parties and field trips since we've been gone. He really will be excited to go back in the fall.
Here he is with all the kids his age. There are also 3 babies/toddlers not in the picture.

That day he also watched me make his cake. It was an all day process since it was many layers and I fit it in while taking care of Lucy. Micah wanted cake all day. I kept telling him we were having cake that night with daddy. Well, it finally was too much for him. He was standing right in front of the round 3 layer part and he leaned over and took a big bite out of it. Sorry if you were at the party and you got that piece. I guess by now your still okay. Anyways, what was I to do. I just filled it in with icing. Micah does love licking the spoon.

Micah finally got his cupcake. He is obviously so excited. He loved being sung to.

Party time!!! Micah's party was a Buzz Lightyear rocketship party. If you can't tell what the cake is, let me explain. The black part is space. This part is not actually cake. It's just icing spread over a foil covered piece of cardboard. Then the blue part is a planet. The rocket is on top. Buzz didn't actually fit on the planet, so he's floating in space.

At the party we had Meteor Rocks. Yummy!!! And rocket fuel. Can you say sugar high!!!

Our first activiy was to make Mr. Potato balloons. Unfortunatly they all got popped by the end of the party. Silly kids!!!

The kids then searched for moon rocks. Apparently Buzz had been over the night before and spread the rocks all over the yard.
Then Adam set off some water rockets. The kids really loved this.
Finally, the cake. Micah was most excited about eating his rocketship cake.

Who knew that a backyard swing could be so much fun? The boys laughed so hard.

Now it is all over. He has been talking about his birthday for about 3 months. I hope that we can take a break before we start talking about turning 4. Micah had a great birthday. Adam and I are having so much fun with our "big" boy and hope that he doesn't grow up too fast.

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The Isaacs said...

Awww.... So fun! Happy Birthday to Micah! We love you!