Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lucy and Micah

More pictures of baby Lucy (because that is what everyone wants). In this picture she is wearing her blue bow and "I'm a little sister" outfit for the car ride home from the hospital.
Micah was so excited to get to hold Lucy for the first time. He has his matching blue "I'm a big brother" shirt on. He now runs and grabs a burp cloth when he wants to hold Lucy.

Lucy taking one of her many daily naps/sleep times. Sometimes she goes right to sleep when needed to stay on schedule, other times she fights it and fusses for awhile, making us go through the whole list of "tricks" to get her to sleep.
Another precious picture sleeping.
Micah so far has loved having a baby sister. Why? Becuase it means that there has been either a grandparent (or two) or his daddy to play with just him everyday. So far he has gone to the park to ride his bike and play, gone to Chuck E. Cheese and gone to a small nearby lake (20 minutes from home). He loved throwing rocks and climbing around.
He also got lucky and we were walking past a couple that was fishing. Both the husband and wife had fish on the line and let Micah reel in two trout in a row. He thought it was so much fun. They asked if he wanted to touch the fish which was pretty funny when he realized how slippery they are.


The Isaacs said...

LOVE the update! Thank you!!!!

Jenny said...

I love you Micah and Lucy!!!!!

Lisa said...

Love, love, love the photos!Can't wait to meet Lucy!