Monday, January 24, 2011

She's finally arrived!

That's right, we now have "Momma goat" at our house. She has settled in easily and suprisingly doesn't really make any noise. Feel free to suggest any new names for her. Jill is not that into just leaving her name as "Momma goat."

Momma goat has a pretty sweet pen set up. As you can she is looking around from on top of her electrical spool that we got for free from the neighbor just for this purpose. Should be fun later on this spring and early summer to see the baby goats play on this too. Yes, Momma goat should be having her kids about mid-March to April. Hopefully this turns out to be a pretty smooth and easy process as we will already have our newborn baby at home too.

Micah has asked several times to go back to the snow again. He had lots of fun with Uncle Jay and cousin Tanner at Christmas time. We also took him to the infamous Chucky Cheeses a few weeks ago and now he has repeatedly asked to go so more. Wasn't Jill's favorite thing to do, so maybe we will make is a daddy activity. He already has several mommy activities that include getting to go to Pump-it-Up for the indoor bounce-houses. I thought I was already doing good, Micah likes the "daddy store" in Madera (Lowes) where they have shopping carts that are shaped like Nascar cars with double seats and steering wheels for kids.

Micah also had a wonderful time with his other cousins at Christmas time. Here is my favorite picture of some of them "not crowding" and "giving each other space" to open presents. It was funny to watch them creep closer and closer to each other over several presents and then be told to back up and then they would do it all over again. Hopefully we can take his bike with us for our next visit, I think he would have a blast riding around with everyone. As long as cousin Evan waits another year or so before trying to teach him to ride over jumps we should be okay.

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