Thursday, July 8, 2010

San Diego Part 2

Well being in San Diego we had to head to the beach a couple of times. I like a nice warm beach where you actually want to go a bit into the water. Well this was not the case. The days that we went were cold and gloomy. Oh well, we had fun anyways. You may know that my brother Jay runs a camp for Hume in San Diego for a month during the summer. So Jay, Jen and Tanner joined us for a few of our adventures. They joined us for some fun in the not so much sun. Here is Micah and Tanner getting ready to build a huge sandcastle.

Actually the adults did most of the building. But Tanner and Micah were really good at destroying the castle.
Their favorite thing to do was to water the sandcastle. This caused Adam to make many trips into the cold water to get more buckets of water.

Micah did actually venture into the ocean a couple of times.

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