Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Time

We started off our Easter celebration by attending our church's Easter Extravaganza. We watched a drama, sang, and made a craft. Okay, I basically made the craft for Micah but he enjoyed carrying it around afterwards.
We also had an Easter egg hunt. I'm not sure we were quite ready for it at almost 2 years old. The picture shows what he did most of the time. Looked around at everyone to see what they were doing. I finally got him to pick up about 6 eggs, but that was a lot of work on my part. Maybe we should have practiced before we got there.
His favorite part was the bounce house. He really loved this and didn't mind at all being knocked over or bumped around a little.

For Easter we headed down to my parent's house. We dyed eggs which was an adventure. We really just tried to break as few as possible. Micah really loved it and was so excited to see the colored eggs when they came out.
"Ta Da," Adam and Micah say about their wire egg holders.

But best of all was dipping the wire egg holder in the food color and then sucking on it. I guess a little vinegar and food color can't hurt anyone.

Conveniently Micah and Tanner wore matching outfits. So nice of them to match to make great pictures.

Micah did a little better at his second Easter egg hunt. He picked up a couple eggs and then rode his bike. Then he picked up a couple more. I don't understand, wouldn't you want to pick up bright colored eggs and put them in your basket to keep.

I'm not really sure when eggs started having money in them because they never did 30 years ago when I was hunting eggs. These eggs had money so of course he needed a piggy bank to put the coins in. He actually enjoyed this more than picking the eggs up. He also got a tooth brush from Grammy and Grandpa which was a big hit. We had to start brushing our teeth right away. Well it was a great Easter with a little boy who is starting to get involved in all the holiday traditions.


Jamie said...

How fun! And hey, you missed out on the money in eggs thing. As all of us cousins got older we went from candy, to coins, to even dollar bills in some eggs (hidden throughout 7 acres of walnut trees)! Arlene puts stickers, candy, quarters, and more in the eggs! It makes for less candy in the end...and I'm all for that.

The Isaacs said...

I love Micah and Tanner's matching outfits- adorable!
Glad to see you had a good Easter!

Jenny said...

So, so, so cute!!! I too love the matching outfits, but did they go anywhere in their outfits?